What is being proposed in the North West of York area? (Section B)

To help provide additional network capacity in the area North West of York, we are proposing to build permanent new infrastructure and make changes to existing infrastructure. This area is presented as ‘Section B’ within our consultation plans - as shared during our Statutory Consultation in 2021 - which provides a detailed overview of the locations for this infrastructure

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What new infrastructure is being proposed in this area?

New Overton 400/275kV substation

A new substation (now called ‘Overton substation’) would be required to convert the voltages from the two existing overhead lines – Norton to Osbaldwick (400kV) to the north and Poppleton to Monk Fryston (275kV) to the south. The new section of 400kV YN overhead line would also connect into Overton substation.

Overton substation would contain the necessary equipment to change the voltage between 400kV and 275kV, and would have the following characteristics:

  • approximate footprint of 82,000m2 (8.2 hectares);

  • six gantries (two for each overhead line) where each overhead line connects into the substation;

  • maximum height of 15m at its highest point (including the gantries);

  • underground cabling within the substation to connect one of the circuits from the overhead lines into Overton substation;

  • contain four Super Grid Transformers (SGT) to help convert the voltage of the overhead lines (275kV) to connect into the substation; and

  • palisade electric fence to enclose the site.

New sections of 275kV overhead lines

Two new sections of 275kV overhead line are required. The location of these overhead lines are
shown in our consultation plans for this section. The new 275kV overhead lines include:

  • a 275kV overhead line to the west - This overhead line would be approximately 2.1km long. It would run from Overton substation, crossing the East Coast Main Line railway and tracking west past Overton Wood to connect to the existing 275kV overhead line approximately 300m south of the River Ouse. We would need to build six new lattice pylons.

  • a 275kV overhead line to the east - This line would be approximately 1.5km long. It would run south from Overton substation, parallel to the east of the ECM railway, and then connect to the existing 275kV overhead line approximately 500m to the west of Skelton. We would need to build four new lattice pylons.

To enable the construction of two new 275kV overhead lines, we will also need to modify existing infrastructure. This would include the removal and re-alignment of some pylons on the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC/XCP) overhead line.

Indicative location of the new Overton substation and associated infrastructure

For a higher resolution version of our proposals for this area please see out consultation plans or interactive map

What changes to existing infrastructure are we proposing in this area?

275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC/XCP) overhead line route

We would carry out work on a 5km stretch of this overhead line between Moor Monkton and Skelton,
which would involve the realignment of some pylons and the permanent removal of others. This would include the following works:

  • permanently removing 2.35km of overhead line and six pylons to the west of Skelton.

  • replacing four pylons south west of the River Ouse.

  • removing five pylons to the south-east of Moor Monkton and replacing them with four pylons approximately 230m further to the south-east of Moor Monkton, creating a straighter alignment in this area.

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Proposed works to existing infrastructure (Sections A, C and E)

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