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Following our detailed assessments, we are proposing to build a network reinforcement between the existing Norwich Main substation in Norfolk to the existing substation at Bramford, and from Bramford to the existing Tilbury substation in Essex as well as connect new offshore wind generation.

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Map showing a proposed line from Norwich Main to Tilbury for National Grid's East Anglia GREEN project

This would be achieved by the construction and operation of a new 400kV electricity transmission line over a distance of approximately 180km and building a new 400kV connection substation.

The 400kV electricity line would comprise mostly steel lattice pylons and conductors (wires) with some underground cabling through the Dedham Vale AONB.

We would need to build two cable sealing end (CSE) compounds to connect the overhead lines to the underground cables. Each CSE compound would be fenced, and contain electrical equipment, support structures, a small control building and a permanent access track. Potential sites for these will be assessed after this first phase of public consultation. We will carefully consider any local landscape features which may help to screen the CSEs as well as the impacts on the AONB.

We are proposing a 400kV new substation sited in the Tendring district. The substation would be fenced, contain high-voltage electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers and shunt reactors, support structures, control buildings, a permanent access road and parking areas.

We would also need to carry out work at the existing 400kV substations at Norwich, Bramford and Tilbury.

Other ancillary activities would be required to facilitate construction and operation of the project.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • temporary land to facilitate construction activities including working areas for construction equipment and machinery, site offices, welfare, storage and access; and

  • land required for mitigation, compensation and enhancement of the environment including Biodiversity Net Gain.

To help make our proposals more relevant to local communities we have divided the route by local authority sections. This is to make it easier to identify which section is most relevant to you and provide feedback as required. You can view each section of our proposals in detail, using our interactive map


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