Our proposals for Section 2, from Skidby to A63 dual carriage way, are explained in detail in the Corridor Preliminary Routeing and Siting Study and in overview in our Project Background Document.

This section runs from the north of Skidby to the A63 dual carriageway, which is located on the western edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. In this section, we are looking at two different alignments; to the north and south of Skidby.

To the north of Skidby, we think there is merit in routeing the new overhead line close together with the existing overhead line, to help reduce the landscape and visual impacts. Further west in this section, the distance between the new and existing line may increase in areas to help avoid impacts on individual properties and Brantingham Dale SSSI.

Southwest of Skidby two paths have been considered – one north of the existing overhead line and one south of the existing line. The southern path would require two line swap overs for a distance of approximately 5 km. A line swap over is where the proposed new line would cross from one side of the existing overhead line to the other. While line swap overs provide the opportunity to route further away from villages such as Ellerker and environmentally sensitive areas like the Blacktoft Sands RSPB reserve in Section 3, repeatedly swapping back and forth to different sides of the existing overhead line would be technically more complex and costly.

Thank you for all the feedback received about this section of the route. We will explain how feedback received at the first stage of consultation has shaped and influenced our plans when we present more detailed proposals at our next round of consultation in 2024.

Map showing Section 2, from Skidby to A63 duel carriageway. View larger image.