Our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester

To help provide additional network capacity across East Anglia, we are proposing to build permanent new infrastructure and make changes to existing infrastructure Babergh, Tendring and Colchester. This area is presented as 'Our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester (including the Dedham Vale AONB and preferred substation site)' within our project background document and provides a detailed overview of our proposed locations for this infrastructure, including a new substation. 

This section includes the preferred corridor from Bramford substation to the proposed site for the new connection substation, and the preferred corridor from the connection substation towards Tilbury. 

From Bramford substation the corridor crosses immediately into the district of Babergh. It runs south easterly past Washbrook and Copdock, and East Bergholt to the south of the route until it crosses the border into the Colchester district briefly, running past Dedham, Langham and crossing the A12.

We expect the reinforcement in this section to consist of new overhead line supported by steel lattice pylons except where the route corridor intersects the Dedham Vale AONB. We expect to install underground cables where we cross this designated landscape.

The route then moves into the Tendring district turning eastwards into Tendring Peninsula to connect into the site of the East Anglia Connection substation (EAC). The route then moves out of the new substation site heading west, crossing back over the A12 to continue the route running past West Bergholt and Marks Tey to the south.

Watch the below presentation detailing our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester. 











Static map showing our proposals in Babergh, Tendring and Colchester
Connection substation

We also need to build a new substation in this area to connect two offshore wind farms. 

We have identified a graduated swathe where we might build the new substation in the vicinity of the existing 132kV substation to the south of Lawford. 

The graduated swathe showing our proposals for this substation can also be viewed on our interactive map by selecting the EAC Node substation option on the drop down menu in the legend. 

Static map illustrating our proposals for the EAC Node substation.