Like much of the high voltage electricity transmission network across the country, the network between the North and the Midlands was largely built in the 1960s. It was designed to connect in-land, large coal-fired power stations and nuclear power stations in the North and Midlands areas. Little or no transmission infrastructure was constructed in some areas, so there is currently limited ability to support connections on the coast. Today, power still flows largely north to south on this part of the network.

The UK Government has set targets of 50 GW of offshore wind generation by 2030 and up to 140 GW by 2050. There is particular growth forecast in offshore wind capacity in Scotland and the North East of England, as well as interconnectors to and from European power grids. This will put pressure on the existing network, such that reinforcement of the network in the Midlands region has been identified as necessary to secure the operation of the transmission system and ensure reliable, economic long-term supply.

It is anticipated that the network between the North of England and the Midlands needs to be capable of transferring around 31 GW of electricity by 2035, compared to the 11.6 GW that it can transfer today.

Some of the existing network in the centre of the country operates at 275 kV, which limits its capacity. The Brinsworth to High Marnham project is a series of works that will reinforce the network in this area through new substations, which enable electricity to be transported at different voltages, and upgrading some of the existing overhead electricity lines from 275 kV to 400 kV. This will provide the necessary increased capacity of the electricity transmission network between South Yorkshire and the North Midlands area.

The development of the three new substations will also assist in rationalising this part of the transmission system to improve operational flexibility, to meet localised demand and to address anticipated customer connections in each location.

Where is the project?

The Brinsworth to High Marnham project involves building three new substations – one near Brinsworth, in Rotherham in South Yorkshire; one near Chesterfield in Derbyshire and a third in High Marnham, near Normanton on Trent in Nottinghamshire - to enable us to uprate the existing electricity transmission network from the existing 275 kV overhead lines to 400 kV. This will help carry more green power from the North of England to the Midlands.

Our public consultation

We’ll hold public consultations for the local communities in Brinsworth, Chesterfield and High Marnham. These are designed to introduce our proposals and gain your feedback. Comments received at this point in the process will play an important part and help shape our plans ahead of the planning application, which we anticipate we’ll submit in early 2025. 

The High Marnham and Chesterfield consultation periods will run from Monday 22 April until Monday 20 May 2024

Please do share your views, as well as any suggestions regarding what you’d like us to consider, as we continue to develop the project, by 11.59pm on Monday 20 May 2024.

We’ll share information about the Brinsworth consultation period very soon – please check back here for further details.

In the meantime, you can find information about the Brinsworth to High Marnham project on this page. Please check back here for more information on our proposals and how to submit your feedback when the consultation periods open.

We’ll hold a series of face-to-face events and online webinars to share more information about our proposals. To find out about our consultation events in your area:

View Brinsworth

View Chesterfield

View High Marnham