A construction traffic management plan has been agreed with the local authorities which sets out the roads our vehicles can use for construction work and for removing the pylons.

The table below shows a monthly schedule of where we are carrying out piling for building the foundations for the world’s first T-pylons.

Activity NameParish Council/locationForecast Start
LD109 (CFA piling)Avonmouth26 June 2023
LD108 (CFA piling)Avonmouth4 July 2023
LD132 (Driven piling)Avonmouth26 September 2023

*Please note these dates may change at short notice

Some nearby residents may hear noise and feel vibrations when we are carrying out piling. This will depend on how close you are to the site and the ground conditions and wind direction.

We recognise that our construction activity causes local impact. We are sorry if we cause any disturbance, we are working with our contractor to limit this as much as possible. The piling rig has been designed to minimise noise and vibrations and the hydraulic hammer is the most silenced on the market. We will not carry out piling over the weekends and we will limit piling to between the hours of 8am and 5pm.