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Essential Refurbishment

Coleshill to Bedworth

West Midlands

The coronavirus pandemic means we can’t currently complete all the improvement work we’d planned to do to this 20km stretch of overhead power line between Coleshill and Bedworth in Warwickshire.

The project is a key part of critical national infrastructure to keep the lights on today, tomorrow and in the future.

Project description

Most of the upgrade and maintenance work to fully refurbish the 50-year-old line was completed at the end of March 2020.  Other than the removal of trackway, scaffolding and reinstatement activities we’ve paused work on the remainder of the project.

Remaining work including earth wire completion, foundation work, tower painting and other reinstatement will be done at a future date.  

Public Rights of Way (PRoW) and Permissive Rights of Way which had been subject to temporary closure are now open.

Coleshill to Bedworth Map

Download the above map in PDF.

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