Maintaining your connection

When your asset has become operational, you will need to comply with operational Grid Code requirements.

These include coordinated outage planning for work on our transmission assets; and providing regular technical data updates. The Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC) will contact you in relation to outages required on the system. 

Through the life of your connection you will pay ongoing use of system costs to the ESO, which cover the costs of maintaining the transmission network and day-to-day costs of balancing the energy system. You may also continue to pay for your connection assets, depending on the payment option you select.

During this stage, our Unlicensed business, Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS) will assist you. Through this part of our business, we provide various additional services, including asset maintenance and refurbishment of customers' equipment, technical support and consultancy.

During the life of your connection you might plan to modify or re-plant your connection equipment. The size and nature of this modification may mean it requires a modification application, which you can submit to the Electricity System Operator (ESO).

Customer checklist

  • Are you aware of the compliance requirements post-commissioning under the Grid Code?

  • Are you aware of your ongoing transmission charges?

  • Have you told your account manager about modifications to your plant?

Stage 7 of the connection process

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