How long will it take?

Your project’s timeline is unique as it is dependent on its location, the design selected, and what other projects are taking place in the area.

We look at our timelines for different connection types to indicate what your connection date and key milestones should be.

Our Connections team then consider different factors that can influence how long it takes to connect your project to the transmission network. These include the complexity of the project, the connection site, the availability of outages and resource to do the work, and other contracted customer requirements.

We also consider securing land rights and easements in your connection timeline - we understand that this can be a lengthy process. If you are looking to secure rights over National Grid land you'll need to engage with our Land and Property team (email [email protected]). It is essential that you secure the necessary land agreements before land can be occupied.

When considering your connection date we need to ensure that we can maintain the integrity and resilience of our transmission network and undertake any maintenance or upgrade work required. These works are planned as part of each price control. 

Your project's milestones

Your contract's milestones align with our internal governance process and they provide both us and you the comfort that we are progressing your connection economically and efficiently. For example, we don't award our construction contracts or procure substantial equipment until you've secured both planning consent (where required) and a Financial Investment Decision. This is because we don't want you to be liable for these significant costs until you're confident your project is going ahead.  

During project development, we'll check the progress of your contracted milestones with you to ensure you are on track. If you need to change any project milestones, please contact your Account Manager or ESO Contract Manager.

Tertiary connection timeline

Planning and consents

All construction work is subject to planning and statutory consents. If your project needs planning consents, you'll be responsible for obtaining these consents. We ask you to list them for us in your application, making clear any consents that are pending which you will be obtaining. We will work with the appropriate bodies to ensure that we have the necessary right and permissions to proceed.

Consents impact your securities. You can model them in ConnectNow’s Research Assistant.

Enabling works

Enabling works are the minimum works required to connect you to the transmission network. Beyond these, more transmission reinforcement works may be required. If so, your connection may be constrained at times until these works are complete. You will have the option for your enabling works to be greater in scope, meaning you’re constrained less once connected, but this may mean you don’t connect as quickly.


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