Connecting to and operating the system

As you approach your connection date you will go through an operational notification compliance process to show your asset is safe to become operational. A Compliance Manager from National Grid ESO will be assigned to guide you through what you need to provide, for example, compliance statements.

At the end, you will receive operational notification certificates, which allow you to commission your asset. A commissioning panel will be set up to discuss the stages of your commissioning and allocate responsibilities, such as planning outages and registering any settlement metering in accordance with the balancing and settlement code. Following commissioning, your asset will be operational.

Take a look at our video that talks you through the connection steps:

Customer checklist

  • Are you aware of the operational notification and compliance process?
  • Have you updated your detailed planning data?
  • Has the commissioning programme for your connection been issued?
  • Do you need to register any tariff metering in accordance with Balancing and Settling Code?

Stage 6 of the connection process

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