Building the connection

Before building your connection, we will do more detailed designs and surveys to organise the contractors and equipment, and agree on-site responsibilities with you.

After this, our construction team will start building your connection in line with your construction programme.

During this stage the construction Project Manager takes over and manages the complete construction of the connection - from tender of major items, including principal contractors through to onsite management. They will be your main contact in relation to progress at site; coordination of construction activities and commissioning. We will continue to monitor the milestones with you, through regular progress updates with your Account Manager and assigned Project Manager.

We know that during projects things change which is why it’s important to keep us updated. In the event you need to amend your contract inform your Account Manager and a modification application can be submitted to the Electricity System Operator (ESO) through your Contract Manager.

Customer checklist

  • Have you agreed the regularity of face to face progress updates?

  • Have you had a kick-start site visit with us and our contractors?

  • Have you read and understood your construction agreement?

Stage 5 of the connection process

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