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Our digital research functionality

Our digital ambition places our customers at the heart of everything we do, and our Connect Now tools have been designed to help research and manage connections to the Electricity Transmission system in England and Wales.

Our Research Assistant tool helps you to understand potential connection options and submit enquiries to us ahead of applying for a connection. Once you have applied for a connection to our network, the Connect Now portal enables you to track your project's progress. Further details are explained below.


ConnectNow Research Assistant

Our Research Assistant is an innovative tool that is designed to provide connection information at your fingertips and at a time that suits you.  

Use it to investigate connection options, see connection timeframes, estimated cost profiles. You can also enquire directly to National Grid Electricity Transmission through the Research Assistant for your chosen connection.

ConnectNow Research Assistant
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ConnectNow Portal

As we continue to evolve our digital offerings to customers and stakeholders, the existing ConnectNow portal is currently unavailable while we work to make changes.

We are currently conducting a user trial with a selected number of customers. The results of this trial will help shape the future ConnectNow portal. We hope to evaluate the results of this trial in spring.

For clarity, please note that this relates to National Grid Electricity Transmission Portal only. We are aware that work is underway within the Electricity System Operator to build a new Connections Portal – for more information on this please visit their website.

ConnectNow portal

FAQs and Connection

Here we answer questions we're frequently asked about the Connections process.

Connections FAQs

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