About us

Our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS) team is here to support you and your business with best in class consultancy and bespoke engineering services.

We use National Grid Electricity Transmission’s unique combination of experience and expertise to deliver a wide range of high-quality products that cover the full life cycle of assets.   

Our aim is to provide excellent service and high-quality work, safely and reliably. We help your business to increase asset availability and prolong asset life.  

Ways we can support your business 

Our team provides a full account management service including:  

  • Contract Set Up and Management  

  • Operational Control  

  • Asset Care   

  • Decommissioning and Recycling  

  • Consultancy for your business including generators, interconnectors, electricity networks, telecommunications companies and industrial customers 

Our team 

Engineering Solutions Manager

Lisa Cressy

Product Development Manager

Hannah Quinn

Senior Customer Account Manager

Siobhan Ramsay

Customer Account Manager

Melanie Harper-Thompson

Customer Engagement Lead

Rebeccah Ninness

Delivery Coordinator

Tom Goss

Delivery Coordinator

Aaliyah Care

Delivery Coordinator

Lucy Gormley

Delivery Coordinator

Corinne Morton

Delivery Team Manager

Joseph Martin

Team Administrator

Scott Price

EMP Site Lead

Andrew Davidson

EMP Support Analyst

Hannah Johnson

Customer Contract Manager

Phil Blincow