Developer Enquiry Form for use of National Grid land

Need to acquire rights to install new assets or undertake works on NGET land?


Are you a developer wishing to work with National Grid to acquire rights over our land? You can find out more by downloading our guidance document and appendices below.

The guidance explains the process for securing rights over land owned by National Grid Electricity Transmission (leasehold/freehold and/or cable rights), the high-level design principles for development of land in proximity to operational electricity transmission assets, common land constraints to be aware of and requirements in relation to planning applications and use of permitted development rights.


Guidance note on the use of National Grid Electricity Transmission land – October 2022

Guidance note on the use of National Grid Electricity Transmission land: Appendices – November 2022

Fill in the below form to submit an enquiry about the use of National Grid land.

Please provide as much information as possible in your enquiry.  Where information is missing this may delay the progression of your request.


All enquiries will incur a fee, invoice details are provided in the form.

If you have any queries, please contact NGET[email protected] 


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