Applying to connect and receiving your offer

As of April 2023, all new connection applications should be submitted via the Electricity System Operator portal here. This replaces the previous connection application form process. Please refer to the page linked above for more information

Who is involved at this stage? 

A specialised team including your dedicated Account Manager, Power System Engineers and Feasibility Engineers, will work with you to design your connection to the network. Our Power Systems Engineers undertake computer-based study work to assess the electrical impact of your connection on the network. They run thermal, fault level and other studies to specify equipment ratings and also understand the wider impact of your connection. To do this, they will use industry standards, such as the Security and Quality of Supply Standard (SQSS), to ensure your connection offer is the most economic and efficient solution.

Our Feasibility Engineers work with the Power System Engineers to design the practical solution for your connection, taking into account site specific factors and feasibility information. Once your connection design has been agreed, your Account Manager will collate all the relevant information into a contract which is then sent to the ESO and a connection agreement contract will be sent to you.

Obtaining a lease for your connection

When applying to connect, you may also need to secure an easement for your connection or you may intend to utilise National Grid’s portfolio of non-operational land for your connection. Note that any easements or lease will not be directly secured through your connection agreement; however, completion of your connection will be dependent on securing these. To discuss easements or leases you will need to contact our Land & Property team.

National Grid’s Land and Property Team is responsible for agreeing easements, leases and licences across this portfolio. This includes areas needed for transmission connected generation as well as for temporary works compounds and cable rights.

Customer checklist

  • Have you provided all the required information in the application form, including technical data for the Data Registration Code?
  • Are you ready to pay the application fee?
  • Are you aware that you will be required to comply with the Grid Code and CUSC?
  • Do you understand your mandatory services requirements based on the size of your connection?
Applying to connect

The application process

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Stage 3 of the connection process

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Supporting information

Research Assistant

You can use ConnectNow's Research Assistant to investigate, see connection timeframes, estimated cost profiles, use the capital contribution calculator, as well as see estimated securities and charges.

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How much will it cost?

Find out about all the costs involved in each of the application stages.

How much will it cost?

Frequently asked questions

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Connect Now Portal

Our customer portal has been designed to help you to track your connection projects, from initial application right through to being connected to us.


Grid Code

Learn about our technical code that our customers must comply with.

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Connection and Use of System Code

The contractual framework for connections.


Balancing and Settlement Code

Rules and governance arrangements for electricity balancing and settlements.