On My Way  

Unlocking efficiencies by digitising field work.


  • Greater visibility of field operations
  • Improved data accuracy with no paperwork
  • Faster job closeout cycle
  • Increased crew capacity

Target user

  • 1,141 Line Workers
  • 168 Supervisors
  • 100+ OPCs & Trouble Workers

Relevant tech

  • Mobile & web apps
  • Real-time job updates
  • STORMS integration
  • Location-based job management

The challenge

Job scheduling and assignment is highly manual. Crews have limited visibility into overall jobs availability and location. Work assignments happens via physical paper hand-off at the local barns, with time wasted receiving new or additional jobs.

Paper is used to capture job close-out and metering data. Timeliness of data availability is low as it takes about 77 days to close a job using the standard process. Significant time and effort is also spent filing, scanning and digitising all paperwork involved, resulting in significant number of errors in digitised data.

Our solution

We designed a user-centric product that allows both supervisors and field crews to handle their daily workflows in a fully digital way. We've built value for the users with a location-based system with powerful job search capabilities that allows instant job updates with fully digitized work packets. 

The automated job creation and write-back through integration with legacy systems removes steps in the process and allows product scalability.

Additionally, we're building an integrated analytics dashboard to monitor adoption and job performance metrics.

Customer feedback

This is the future of the business, right here.

Line Worker

Our crews have picked it up pretty quickly. The user interface is intuitive so it’s an easy transition for them.


Years payback2 - 3
Savings per year8 - 13$M