Contract Quarterback

Transforming the way contracts are created and managed enabling a digitized, centralized and proactive contract management process

Contract Quarterback


  • Decreased contract risk​

  • Retaining/gaining ​

  • value from our contracts​

  • Creating one common ​

  • repository for all contracts​

  • Digitizing the way we work​

Target user

  • Contract Analysts​

  • Contract Managers​

  • Procurement Leadership​

Relevant tech

  • SAP Ariba​

  • DocuSign Agreement Cloud​

  • DocuSign Insights​

  • DocuSign CLM+​

  • Contract Artificial Intelligence​

The challenge

Global Procurement manages around a quarter of the 2500 contracts equating to £5B, with the majority dispersed across the group. This has resulted in multiple storage repositories creating varying approaches to the management of these contracts. The same processes have been discovered for other groups as well where contracts are residing in inappropriate locations or are left entirely unmanaged. Currently, this is exposing us to unknown risks and value leakages from these contracts. The creation, analysing, negotiating, managing and storing of a contract is also a highly manual and time consuming process which is triggered by necessity opposed to best practice. Without proper management, automated workflows and the right digital tools, this will continue to be a risk to the organisation as a whole.

Our solution

To create a best-in-class digitized and proactive contract management process, so that we have:​

  • One central repository that is easily searchable and accessible. ​

  • The best available tools (e.g. DocuSign Agreement Cloud) to standardise and automate away manual processes enabling an environment for the proactive management of contracts.​

  • To find, track and manage value levers in order to minimize value leakage and maximize financial benefits from our agreements.​

Customer feedback

Contract Quarterback is a programme designed to enable digital products that support contract managers and other stakeholders with dramatically reducing value leakage, increased metadata analysis and risk reduction.

Parvesh Shivshanker

Annual Contract Spend Value Leakage Savings​3-6%
12 Months Payback£2.2M
3 Years Payback£60M