ConnectNow Portal

Transparency in customer connections.


  • Increases transparency of our processes to customers. Now customers can:
  • Login to your portfolio all in one place
  • Track progress from application to construction
  • Be informed of costs and milestones

Target user

  • Focus is small emerging customers (20-400MW)
  • Also supports 400MW+

Relevant tech

  • Salesforce Communities
  • Salesforce CRM

The challenge

Over the past three years alone we have seen a four-fold increase in requests to connect, mainly from renewable sources like solar and wind. 

For an engineering business traditionally used to connecting huge gas, coal, and nuclear power stations this presents challenges. The process is full of detailed specifications, detailed language, and pages and pages of rules.

We responded to feedback from our customers. They told us:

  • 'Applying is inefficient and hard to understand.'
  • 'Managing my NG connections is manual and time-consuming.'
  • 'It’s hard to understand & manage my costs.'
  • 'I don’t know who to go to for questions, so responses are slow.'
  • 'Information about my portfolio of connections is scattered.'
  • 'I’m in the dark about where my connection is in the process.'
  • 'Files and documents are not easy to access.'

Our solution

ConnectNow is our new innovative online application and project management system, streamlining the process of connection to the grid.

The portal provides transparency across the connection process, allowing customers to view milestones along the way. Customers can check their application progress or a breakdown of their finances in real-time.

The response

It’s really worthwhile. I’d like to see this rolled out across the industry.

Renewable portfolio customer

It’s very clear and helpful having all of this information set out in one place.

Renewable portfolio customer

ConnectNow on display

David Adkins, ConnectNow and Connect3D Lead in Customer Solutions , shows what the new ConnectNow portal offers customers.

Watch the video

Productivity improvement+20%
Reduction in time taken to update milestones-50%