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Digitalisation is key to unlocking the benefits of the energy transition for all, creating a clean, green future with a thriving economy, where nobody gets left behind.

Digitalisation is key to unlocking the benefits of the energy transition for all, creating a clean, green future with a thriving economy, where nobody gets left behind. 

Here are some of the innovative projects we’re working on.

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The challenge: Field workers for the electricity system have traditionally relied on a series of manual, paper-based processes involving non-integrated systems to complete work.  To maximise the work carried out by our field force and increase the integrity of data used, the electricity transmission business needed a modern solution that offered flexibility across jurisdictions while implementing best practices across the company. 

Our solution: On My Way is a transformative digital product enabling field workers to pick up and complete jobs in real time from their devices.  It seeks to provide a seamless experience for the end user and produce immediate benefits through its end-to-end integrated system, providing a convenient platform to further scale-up the electricity business.  

On My Way won the 2020 Chairman’s Award in the category, Growing Our Organisational Capability, singled out from from 230 applicants and 28 finalists.

About On My Way

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My Business Account (MBA) 

The challenge: Large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers make up 2% of total accounts served by National Grid but consume 50% of total usage. We needed to address their specific pain points around multi-site management, confusing bills, lack of customisation, poor data analytics and lack of effective support.

Our solution: We’re developing a new digital platform called My Business Account.  MBA will deliver a seamless customer experience, addressing the frictions our large commercial and industrial customers can face throughout the billing and payment journey. 

With My Business Account we aim to increase C&I customer satisfaction, drive digital adoption, and reduce costs for the business. 

About My Business Account

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The challenge: Optimising the portfolio for the electric business (distribution and transmission) uses a manual process that involves multiple non-integrated systems. In order to maximise customer benefits and shareholder value in an ever-changing regulatory climate, a more sophisticated portfolio planning is necessary. 

Our solution: FutureNow is a digital product that will allow us to create and manage an integrated TOTEX (capital and maintenance costs combined into one total value) portfolio of work efficiently while we maximise strategic benefits to the dollar. 

FutureNow will facilitate more accurate and granular project planning and resource balancing. With FutureNow, we will optimise workplans via fact-based data-driven risk modelling. 

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Vegetation Management Optimisation (VMO)

The challenge: Tree related issues have been the most common cause for distribution power outages. Historically, National Grid has executed a time-cycle based tree pruning programme where each feeder is pruned on an approximate five-year cycle. 

Over time, technologies like satellite imagery and advanced analytics have emerged that allows utility companies to identify feeders, or sections of feeders that provide the greatest pruning value. 

Our solution: VMO is a digital product that aims to provide the capability to plan tree pruning activities based on vegetation conditions, using advanced analytics and other available technologies, instead of pruning on fixed time cycles. 

VMO also seeks opportunities to drive value in the hazard tree program management, in terms of both planning and execution. 

About VMO

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Contract Quarterback

The challenge: Global Procurement manages around a quarter of the 2500 contracts equating to £5B, with the majority dispersed across the group. This has resulted in multiple storage repositories creating varying approaches to the management of these contracts. The same processes have been discovered for other groups where contracts are residing in inappropriate locations or left entirely unmanaged. This is exposing us to unknown risks and value leakages. The creation, analysing, negotiating, managing and storing of a contract is a manual and time consuming process, triggered by necessity opposed to best practice. Without proper management, automated workflows and the right digital tools, this will continue to be a risk to the organisation.

Our solution: We've created a best-in-class digitized and proactive contract management process, with a searchable and accessible central repository, the best available tools to standardise and automate manual processes and the ability to find, track and manage value levers to minimize value leakage and maximize financial benefits from our agreements.​

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