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Our experience designers utilise human-centric methods and tools to understand our users, their pain points and their goals. Taking end-user inputs from ethnographic studies, real-time user feedback, and behavioral experiments, our designers take an holistic design approach to lead and inform our development teams in crafting the most intuitive and delightful digital experiences.

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Meet Sara

"One of the most rewarding things is when I hear a customer giving feedback about how a new feature will make their job so much easier. By listening to users, analyzing their feedback and using it to drive our design goals, we’re able to find better ways to deliver digital experiences across all of our products."

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We are digital creators, continuous learners and daring innovators.

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We are digital Creators, continuous learners​ and daring innovators. Find out more about our roles and how to join us.


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Digitalisation is key to unlocking the benefits of the energy transition for all, creating a clean, green future with a thriving economy, where nobody gets left behind.

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