Our engineers design and build the key components of our digital products and services. Working with the rest of the team, our engineers take the inputs and requirements from the strategists, designers, and product managers to create the actual digital solution that will be used by customers, National Grid employees, or other key stakeholders.

These digital problem-solvers build upon an holistic technical knowledge-base across the technology landscape, including but not limited to microservices architectures, modern frontend frameworks, DevOps, cloud-native applications, serverless computing, and lightweight container deployments.

Eliza Davis - Engineer

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"It’s really exciting to be on the forefront of digital transformation at a company this essential. And our team here at ngDigital really has an opportunity to make a profound impact. We approach each project with a user-centric mindset and consider what improvements or features our audience would want. After hearing feedback, it’s amazing how much of a positive difference we make in every project we touch."

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We are digital creators, continuous learners and daring innovators.

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We are digital Creators, continuous learners​ and daring innovators. Find out more about our roles and how to join us.


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Digitalisation is key to unlocking the benefits of the energy transition for all, creating a clean, green future with a thriving economy, where nobody gets left behind.

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