The Voice of All is now closed for submissions. Thank you to all those who shared their hopes and fears for a greener future. We’re bringing your thoughts, feelings and opinions to COP26, to show that every voice matters in the fight against climate change.

Hear the Voice of All Speech

Watch the Voice of All speech

The artificial intelligence generated Voice of All speech is now available to view.

Hear the Voice of All
Voice of All - Woman in classroom

What is the Voice of All?

Our aim is to bring together the voices of everyone who cares about climate change in an unprecedented way. The Voice of All initiative was an invitation to ‘sit at the COP26 table’ – giving people the opportunity to have their voices heard by decision makers at COP26, by submitting a message to them. 

We’ve collected all the submitted ideas, thoughts and concerns, and have given people around the world a platform to make their voices heard in the fight against climate change.

Voice of All - Man with solar panels

What are we doing with the messages we’ve collected?

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, the real-life messages we’ve collected are being collated, analysed for common themes and crafted into a single, totally unique, emotional and impactful speech. 

This speech – the Voice of All – is going to be presented at COP26 this November. 

It will begin… 

“World leaders, I am the voice of many, and we have something to say."

…And our AI will write the rest based on the messages you’ve submitted. 

Voice of All - Kids planting a tree

The power of working together

History shows that when people come together and work towards a shared goal, what was once thought impossible can become reality. 

The power of working together and the benefits it brings is something we can all believe in. While there is undoubtedly still lots to do, tackling climate change is possible. And progress is already being made. 

We’re working on some of the biggest energy challenges and we bring people together as we do so. We do this because we know that every voice matters. We call this the Power of All. The Voice of All sits at its heart.

Thank you for joining us and having your voice heard on the road to COP26.

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