Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference - 7-8 September 2021
Engineering the green energy transition

We know that you care deeply about the future of our planet. We do too. We’ve committed to reducing our own emissions to Net Zero by 2050 and to being at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future. 

Speakers and panellists


GYECC has now ended. Thank you for your interest and participation.


As a Principal Partner for COP26, National Grid is hosting the Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference; to bring together other principal partners, and a wide variety of global organizations, societies and networks, to create an exciting and dynamic virtual global program. The virtual conference can still be accessed with all content available via our ‘event rewind’ option. You can still register and access:

  • Conference and main plenary, including Q&A, featuring a range of panelists and speakers.
  • Virtual exhibition comprising a variety of stands featuring films, animations, multi-media collateral and bookable chat facilities.
  • Four interactive workstreams themed around key issues for the green energy transition, developed by members of the National Grid UK and US graduate program.
  • Virtual green jobs board – a virtual go-to area to explore current, globally available ‘green’ vacancies in engineering and related technical fields, posted by National Grid and supporting partners at the event (although vacancies shown may now have expired, please use this feature to explore and gain insights into future possible green jobs you may be interested in).
Conference agenda

To maximize opportunities to join this event across international time zones, the conference program taking place during the afternoon/evening on 7 September will be repeated the next morning.

Day One (Time zone BST): Tuesday 7 September 2021


Conference opens
Opening remarks and keynote speaker


All workstreams open (see registration page for details)
Exhibition and networking open


Workstreams close


Plenary – Q&A panel


Plenary closes (pledges)

Day Two (Time zone BST): Wednesday 8 September 2021


Conference opens
Opening remarks and keynote speaker


All workstreams open (see registration page for details)
Exhibition and networking open


Workstreams close


Plenary – Q&A panel


Plenary closes (pledges)

Translation services will be available in a range of languages.

Disclaimer: Please note that the organizer reserves the right to adjust the program and timings as circumstances require it.

Four interactive workstreams:

Workstream 1 - Green Skills: How to be an agent of change

Do you want to contribute to the green energy future, but don't know what skills you need? 
Maybe you work in the traditional energy industry and want to know how you can grow your career opportunities to include cleaner sources of energy? 
Or maybe you aren't involved yet, but want to know how you or your company can start re-orienting their thinking on a green future?
The Green Skills workstream will be all about answering these questions and more. With an interactive panel representing a diverse group of energy professionals, financiers, entrepreneurs, educators, and consultants from a wide range of countries, we will explore how you can develop green skills, discover ones you already had, market your skills to others, and be an agent of change by promoting green skills in your professional and personal life. 

Workstream 2 - Access to energy for zero carbon communities

We understand the need for a cleaner energy system… Don’t we?

We are committed to making changes in our day-to-day lives to achieve long term sustainability… Aren’t we?

We need to decarbonise our communities. You may already feel that happening where you live, or you may feel a lack of progress.

Our ‘Low Carbon Community Council’ will explore how to decarbonise our communities, and how to make sustainable change, including views from experts in local community programmes and green energy projects. We will also explore how you can drive change, irrespective of where your community is on their decarbonisation journey.

Workstream 3 - Engaging Generations - Green Change Starts with the Individual

How do products you buy, habits you form, and careers you pursue add up to make a global impact?

Join us to learn about your personal impact and how individual changes can drive decarbonisation.

This workstream will use an exciting game of trivia to expand your knowledge on the continuously changing energy landscape.

Throughout the game, industry experts will offer insights about the lessons they've learned along the way and provide action items for increasing your own individual impacts. By participating in this game of trivia, you will be equipped to make more impactful decisions to contribute towards a greener world.

Workstream 4 - A global zero carbon energy system for all

The goals are clear. We must achieve net zero globally by mid-century and adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. The question is, how can we work together to achieve these goals? How can we come together to create an inclusive and diverse environment working towards a common goal while still being cognizant of our own individual and local challenges?

The Global Zero Carbon Energy System session will tour you around the globe as we explore how different countries and cultures are approaching the low carbon energy system. Let this conversation act as a springboard to in-depth questions and idea sharing as we work in unison to achieve the most paramount goal of our generation, zero carbon energy systems.

During this global tour we will learn the innovative ways that people in different areas of the world are working towards the same common goals. Through this global macro view, we will gain insight into creating an affordable clean energy future together.

The future is in your hands

No matter the location, or how diverse the local energy challenges are, as the next generation of young leaders the future of our planet is in your hands.

As the world begins to move away from traditional sources of power generation towards the exciting and impactful world of renewables and low-carbon alternatives, on behalf of National Grid and our partners, I’m delighted to invite you to join this virtual conference where you can shape your role in powering the green energy transition. 

Why not join us? This is a unique event shaped by our own National Grid US and UK graduates, with support from young professionals working for our event partners.

Better and cleaner energy is key to tackling climate change. You’ll join a wide range of inspirational speakers, fellow attendees and panellists who will share best practice evidence of reliable, economic, ultra-low and zero carbon grids already in operation around the world.

This is not the reality everywhere. As they navigate their green energy transition, attendees from a diverse range of nations will share the practical realities of cultural, societal and technical challenges that they face. They'll also share insights into how they are addressing them, which could include:

  • access to electricity, resources and skills 
  • electrification of transport
  • the challenges of new infrastructure in remote areas.

Smarter and cleaner energy generation will bring more secure, affordable and renewable energy to everyone. By coming together at this conference, we have collective power, a voice and the chance to have a bigger impact.

Please use this website to find out more and identify areas to suit your specific interests. By doing this, you’ll be playing your part in the green energy transition.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Duncan Burt
Director, COP26

Who should attend?

This conference is for 16 to 35-year olds, whether you are studying or already actively working and established in engineering or related fields; such as automation, cyber security, environmental science or artificial intelligence.

Together we can, and already do, make a difference to the planet. Through collaboration, we can make sure that our voices are heard and combine to have a bigger impact.

What’s the format?

To maximise opportunities to join this event across international time zones, the conference program took place during the afternoon/evening of day one and was repeated the next morning with translation support provided. Via our GYECCTV dome once you login to the site, you can access content from both days to watch some or all of the conference program (4.15 hours each day), in particular the expert plenary panel differs on each day.

You’ll be able to take part in a number of virtual forums – including workstreams on green skills, engaging generations, zero carbon communities, green policy and zero carbon energy systems – as well as networking spaces where you can engage on key issues relating to climate change, actively co-creating practical solutions that are accessible for all. These workstreams and spaces are being developed and managed by National Grid US and UK graduates. 

A wide range of international partners will also be hosting virtual exhibition stands and display areas, covering a broad spectrum of green energy thinking and best practice, including several leading global engineering membership organizations. There will be opportunities to book individual chats with exhibitors and partners. Please see our partners page for more details on who you will be able to meet.

Event registration

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