Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference - 7 and 8 September 2021
Bringing creativity and science together to solve green energy solutions globally

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To maximise opportunities to join this event across international time zones, the conference programme taking place during the afternoon/evening of day one and will be repeated the next morning. Translation support will be available.
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Four interactive workstreams:

Want to contribute to the green future, but don't know what skills you need?
Perhaps your company is transitioning away from fossil fuels and you need new skills?
Maybe you're new to the energy industry and want to contribute to a greener future?
The ‘Green Skills, development and influencing’ workstream will answer these questions and more.

An interactive and diverse panel of energy companies, entrepreneurs, financiers, and developing nations will explore new skills re-discover ones you already have and look at how to  market your skills to others. You can be an agent of change by promoting green skills in your professional and personal life.
We understand the need for a cleaner energy system… Don’t we?

We are committed to making changes in our day-to-day lives to achieve long term sustainability… Aren’t we?

We need to decarbonise our communities. You may already feel that happening where you live, or you may feel a lack of progress.

Our ‘Low Carbon Community Council’ will explore how to decarbonise our communities, and how to make sustainable change, including views from experts in local community programmes and green energy projects. We will also explore how you can drive change, irrespective of where your community is on their decarbonisation journey.

How do products you buy, habits you form, and careers you pursue add up to make a global impact?

Join us to learn about your personal impact and how individual changes can drive decarbonisation.

This workstream will use an exciting game of trivia to expand your knowledge on the continuously changing energy landscape.

Throughout the game, industry experts will offer insights about the lessons they've learned along the way and provide action items for increasing your own individual impacts. By participating in this game of trivia, you will be equipped to make more impactful decisions to contribute towards a greener world.

The goals are clear. We must achieve net zero globally by mid-century and adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. The question is, how can we work together to achieve these goals? How can we come together to create an inclusive and diverse environment working towards a common goal while still being cognizant of our own individual and local challenges?

The Global Zero Carbon Energy System session will tour you around the globe as we explore how different countries and cultures are approaching the low carbon energy system. Let this conversation act as a springboard to in-depth questions and idea sharing as we work in unison to achieve the most paramount goal of our generation, zero carbon energy systems.

During this global tour we will learn the innovative ways that people in different areas of the world are working towards the same common goals. Through this global macro view, we will gain insight into creating an affordable clean energy future together.
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A wide range of international partners will also be hosting virtual exhibition stands and display areas covering a broad spectrum of green energy thinking and best practice.

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