Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve registered for GYEC21. Is the program on 8 September different from 7 September?

The program is essentially the same both days with minor possible differences in presenters leading certain sessions. The conference takes place over two half days to maximise the opportunity for the widest possible breadth of nations to attend across different time zones.

Do I need to attend both days of the conference?

There is no need to attend both days of the conference. The program is essentially the same on both half days with minor possible differences in presenters leading certain sessions and in the live plenary panel line-up. Content will be available on demand for both days following the event.

I understand that there is a choice of four different workstreams, how many can I attend?

You will be able to attend two sessions, one after another. All workstreams will run simultaneously and then repeat, a few minutes later.

What will we be able to see and do in the virtual exhibition area?

The virtual exhibition area will feature most of the partners listed on the website who will each host a virtual stand/booth. Each virtual stand/booth will make videos and other resources and information available, describing projects that the company is involved in or solutions that it has delivered. You will be able to interact with exhibitors in a variety of different ways depending on the options chosen by the exhibitor. Options include:

  • Live text chat – all delegates can ask questions

  • Q&A – delegate can use this space to ask questions and see answers to questions that have been previously asked

  • Leave your details – leave your details and continue conversations post event. 

  • Meet and greet* – an open video call where delegates can drop in as they wish.

Please note that meet and greet is not available to any delegates who are under 18.

What will the green jobs board comprise?

National Grid and the global organisations who are partnering for the event, will each display current vacancies related to engineering roles in the renewable energy field. You will be able to search on terms such as:

  • Permanent

  • Contract

  • Full time 

  • Part-time

  • Sector

  • Salary range

  • Location

What type of people should I expect to meet and hear from at the event?

Along with a wide range of global organisations who will be hosting exhibition stands/booths, you can expect to hear from a wide range of international speakers working in engineering or related fields. They will either share short case study experiences on their work within the field of renewable energy via short films on GYECC TV, or you can watch them take part in a variety of forums including discussion panels and quizzes throughout the conference.

Will I be able to plan my own virtual itinerary?

Yes. Shortly before the conference, you will be sent details of how-to login and build your personal profile and itinerary. As you do this, you’ll be able to:

  • Refer to presenter/moderator/speaker biographies

  • See other delegates you might want to connect with

  • Decide which networking tables you might want to join

  • Plan to visit certain/all exhibition and display stands

  • Allow time to watch the on demand 5-minute videos on GYECC TV

I see that there will be networking opportunities, how will this work?

You will be able to join various virtual networking tables where you can build up your network of like-minded people and form your own global community of colleagues interested in engineering, renewable energy and finding much needed solutions to the issues surrounding climate change. More details of how this will work will be available when you receive your logon closer to the event, at which point you can build your itinerary for the day from the options we make available to you.

Will there be translation facilities available within the virtual conference environment?

Yes, available languages will be:

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Mandarin

You will be able to choose a language from this list via a drop-down menu once you log-in and listen to sessions in your chosen language to a high degree of accuracy.

Any live questions posed in one of these languages during Q&A sessions will be translated and presented in English. There may be a slight delay before you see your question presented.