Chief Engineer

We’re proud of our core capabilities in engineering. Our engineers and the expertise they bring to work every day are at the heart of our business. They’re helping us deliver innovation on a large scale, accelerating the path to clean energy, while maintaining reliability.

Role of our Chief Engineer

David Wright, our Group Chief Engineer, works across all Group operations in both the UK and US. He ensures there is sufficient focus on engineering at a senior level within National Grid, providing appropriate input into the Board, and plays a critical role in overcoming the engineering challenges required to transition to net zero. 

In addition, he also helps us celebrate our current engineering talent, while strengthening our efforts to attract new engineers to National Grid. Our industry is undergoing rapid change as we transition to a clean energy future, so we need people with the skills and enthusiasm that will help us get there.


Group Chief Engineer

David Wright
A National Grid construction site with equipment being lowered into a tunnel

Engineering innovation

Engineering will play a crucial role in the UK’s journey to reach net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. To achieve net zero, we need to:

  • double the amount of electricity we produce today. That requires strategic thinking about our infrastructure
  • decarbonise heat, requiring industry innovation and transformational engineering
  • capture emissions, developing carbon capture, usage and storage
  • address how we support transport decarbonisation with a strategic charging backbone across the UK for electric vehicles.

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