Tools and pipeline
Reducing methane emissions

We are committed to reducing methane across our entire gas supply chain including our own gas pipelines, downstream/production processes, and upstream emissions. We continue to work with external partners, including the EPA, to determine the best ways to identify, account for and address leaks in our gas distribution systems.

As a member of the EPA’s Methane Challenge and their ONE Future initiative, programs that promote companies to put out externally shared reduction targets, we are benchmarking our progress with other companies as we work towards a common goal of reducing methane emissions across the entire natural gas value chain to less than 1% by 2025.


  • We are reducing our methane emissions of our distributions mains by 17% in the next 5 years and by 23% by 2030 through the replacement of leak prone pipe (LPP).

  • Our strategic LPP program should result in over 90% emission reductions in our distribution mains by its completion in the 2040s from our 1990 baseline.

Achievements to date

  • Our fugitive emission leak rate was well below 1% at 0.22%. We have achieved these reductions through extensive work on leak detection and repairs.

  • Our aggressive LPP replacement work led to a 15% reduction in emissions in our distribution mains over five years with replacing 400 miles of pipe per year.

  • As a member of the EPA’s Methane Challenge, we continue to offer public transparency on our mains’ leaks and replacement efforts.