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Find out how clean hydrogen is empowering the energy transition and playing a critical role in a fossil-free future.

Our vision for hydrogen in the US

Clean hydrogen is key to a clean energy future and ensuring we fully eliminate fossil fuels from our electric and gas system by 2050. We see potential to create 100% hydrogen-fueled neighborhoods, blend hydrogen with Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) into the existing gas networks, and fuel our generation assets with hydrogen.

Developing a Hydrogen Economy in New York

We are proud to be a part of the consortium announced by NY Governor Hochul to develop a regional clean energy hydrogen hub in the Northeast. A hub is a cluster of local hydrogen production, storage, and demand. Led by NYSERDA, partners will develop a hydrogen hub proposal for the Department of Energy.

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Find out about our vision for the Northeast and how green hydrogen will play an important role in the decarbonization.

Wind and solar

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Learn more about the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act and how its helping to fund critical investments in our energy infrastructure.

A fossil-free future

Clean hydrogen plays two major roles in ensuring a fossil free future.

  1. It helps decarbonize multiple sectors, including heat, power generation, and transport, providing a clean, carbon-free fuel as a replacement.
  2. It fuels power generation to make a fully-renewable power grid more reliable with less infrastructure build-out.

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Read our Clean Energy Vision Report about find out how we're playing a vital role in a fossil-free future.

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Find out how our fossil-free plan will come together in order to cleanly heat homes and businesses.

New York

Our vision for a fossil-free future

Our vision for fossil-free heat addresses climate change while ensuring affordable, reliable service to all our customers. Watch this video to learn more about how we plan to make our vision of a clean energy future a reality.

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Latest hydrogen news

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National Grid Project Union hydrogen backbone story

National Grid Shares its vision for developing the hydrogen economy in New York

National Grid has shared its vision for developing the hydrogen economy in New York as part of its participation in Climate Week NYC. 

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One of the US' first green hydrogen blending projects launches on Long Island

National Grid and the Town of Hempstead have announced a joint project to build one of the first and largest clean hydrogen projects in the US. The HyGrid Project, located on Long Island, will aid in decarbonizing networks by blending green hydrogen into the existing distribution system, and is expected to heat approximately 800 homes and fuel 10 municipal vehicles.

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