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National Grid Shares its vision for developing the hydrogen economy in New York

National Grid has shared its vision for developing the hydrogen economy in New York as part of its participation in Climate Week NYC.

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element on earth and offers enormous potential as a source of renewable energy. And, most importantly, when hydrogen is converted to useable energy in a fuel cell, or burned to release its energy, the only biproduct is water vapor.

Long Island in particular is well-positioned to become a hydrogen hub, given the high energy demand in the New York City metro area and the potential to use offshore wind to produce green hydrogen; or, in other words, hydrogen that is produced using zero-carbon power.

Once green hydrogen is produced, it can be used in a number of ways to decarbonize the energy system, heavy industry, transport and even heating for buildings. It can also provide long-duration storage to further enable renewable energy sources.

The coming decade will be critical in the fight against climate change and all tools and technologies will need to be on the table to meet New York’s net zero by 2050 goal. This encompasses adding more clean energy to the grid, including solar and wind power, and exploring the potential of hydrogen.

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