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What information can be found in the 2018/19 report?

Our online non-financial performance report 2018/19 is for the year ended 31 March 2019 and covers our wholly-owned global operations. We report in the areas of communities, environmental sustainability and people. 

There have been no significant changes since the last report in the scope, boundary or measurement methods applied in the report.

We will publish our 2019/20 non-financial performance report in July 2020.

Key performance indicators

We measure the achievement of our objectives both through the use of qualitative assessments and through the monitoring of quantitative indicators.

To provide a full and rounded view of our business, we use non-financial as well as financial measures. Non-financial measures are often leading indicators of future financial performance. Improvements in these measures build our competitive advantage.

Although all our non-financial measures are important, some are of more significance than others, and these more significant measures are designated as key performance indicators (KPIs). A summary of both financial and non-financial KPIs can be found in our Annual Report and Accounts, pages 16 to 18. 

KPIs are used as our primary measures of whether we are achieving our principal strategic aims of generating long-term value. We also use KPIs to measure our performance against our objectives. 

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