The Clean Energy Revolution podcast
The Clean Energy Revolution podcast

In season 3 of The Clean Energy Revolution podcast, we continue to uncover the big stories in clean energy and the role it plays in tackling the negative effects of climate change.

We’ll take a look at the challenges and opportunities that come with renewable energy, including the impact on people and communities, how to make sure everyone benefits from the clean energy transition and what businesses can do – and are doing – to lead the way.

From AI to infrastructure, wind power to climate policy, expect conversations with experts, industry leaders and passionate individuals who are working towards a greener future.

Join us to discover how our lives will be powered as we work towards a net zero future that doesn't contribute to global warming, and how the industry as a whole can work together to help make this happen for the good of our planet.

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Three big predictions for clean energy in 2024

Carolyn and Laura discuss their hopes for 2024 in the world of clean energy. What does the world need to see in policy, technology and investment as we build on the momentum of 2023’s COP28 summit to continue on the path to net zero?

The episode also focuses on the three big pledges that came out of COP28: the tripling of renewables by 2030, the loss and damage fund and the phase-down of fossil fuels. What needs to happen this year to ensure that progress is made?

Meet our hosts

To explore the big clean energy stories on both sides of the Atlantic, season 3 has two brand new hosts...

Dr. Carolyn Kissane

Carolyn serves as the Associate Dean of the graduate programs in Global Affairs and Global Security, Conflict and Cybercrime at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU. She is the Founding Director of the SPS Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab, Coordinator of the Energy and Environment concentration at the Center, and a faculty adviser to the Energy Policy International Club.

Carolyn also serves on the boards of the New York Energy Forum, New York Energy Week, and the Clean Start Advisory Board. She was named Breaking Energy’s Top Ten New York Women in Energy and Top Ten Energy Communicator. 

Laura Young

Laura – also known as @LessWasteLaura – is an award-winning climate activist, environmental scientist and ethical influencer. A former Scottish influencer of the year, she continues to campaign for climate justice and is a regular speaker in the media on climate, sustainability and environmental justice. 

Laura is currently undertaking her PhD as a Hydro Nations Scholar in climate resilience work at the University of Dundee.

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