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The Clean Energy Revolution podcast is back for a third season

Join Dr. Carolyn Kissane and Laura Young (aka Less Waste Laura) to uncover the big stories in clean energy and the role it plays in tackling the negative effects of climate change.

From AI to infrastructure, communities to climate policy, expect conversations with experts, industry leaders and passionate individuals as we discover how our lives will be powered as we work towards a net zero future.

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Natalie Edwards

Grid Guide to... Our People

Hear from Natalie Edwards, Chief Diversity Officer, on our approach to diversity and Inclusion.

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National Grid 'Excited to be a Principal Partner for COP26' article

Excited to be a Principal Partner for COP26

The biggest climate summit the UK has ever held, COP26 will host all the countries signed up to the UN’s treaty to combat climate change. National Grid is driving more ambitious change towards a clean energy future.

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National Grid's net zero commitment

By John Pettigrew, Chief Executive, National Grid. The decarbonisation of the energy system is one of the biggest challenges facing our world, and National Grid has a critical role to play in the acceleration towards a cleaner future.

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Road running between green fields with solar panels on the left

Making sure the journey to net zero leaves no one behind

As the transition to net zero continues to gather speed, one of the most important considerations is that the shift to cleaner, lower carbon energy is fair and just, making sure that everyone benefits – including the most vulnerable.

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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben - image used for the National Grid story 'All-party parliamentary group working together to deliver net zero'

All-party parliamentary group working together to deliver net zero

Meeting the UK’s 2050 net zero target will require collaboration across business, Government and consumers. National Grid is pleased to be supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Net Zero; a cross-party grouping of MPs interested in the UK’s Net Zero transition. Rhian Kelly, Head of Public Affairs and Policy, shares her thoughts.