Our commercial businesses

Here, you can find out about National Grid Ventures' commercial businesses in the UK and the US.

Our commercial businesses in the UK and the US

National Grid Ventures operates a broad mix of energy assets and businesses in the UK and US. We provide competitive products and services for our customers to help accelerate the development of our clean energy future.

Our mix of energy assets and businesses include:

  • electricity interconnectors
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG) services
  • traditional metering
  • smart metering
  • large-scale renewable energy
  • competitive energy transmission projects
  • battery energy storage systems.

Electricity interconnectors

Interconnectors are clean energy super highways that transport excess zero carbon energy from where it's generated to where it's needed most.

National Grid currently has three interconnectors in operation: IFA to France, BritNed to The Netherlands and Nemo Link to Belgium. There are three more under construction with IFA2, a second link to France, NSL connecting to Norway and Viking Link to Denmark.

Interconnectors deliver secure and affordable electricity and will play a critical role in tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter energy systems. National Grid sells capacity products to energy traders and provides services for transmission system operators in the UK and mainland Europe.

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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) services

Our world-class facility on the Isle of Grain in the UK can process LNG from anywhere in the world.

Our facility is able to meet over 20% of UK gas demand, it plays an important role in ensuring secure and competitively priced gas supplies for the UK and Europe.

The Isle of Grain’s location and the UK’s liquid gas market make it the terminal of choice for global LNG players.

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National Grid Metering

Our metering business provides installation and maintenance services for energy suppliers in the regulated market in the UK.








National Grid Metering maintains and manages nine million gas assets across the UK, ensuring they remain safe, reliable and efficient for customers.

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Smart metering

National Grid Smart owns a portfolio of Smart Metering Assets, working with other industry partners to ensure the technology stays up to date.

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Large-scale renewable energy

In 2019, we completed our acquisition of Geronimo Energy, a leading wind and solar developer in North America. This investment underscores National Grid’s commitment to the decarbonisation of our energy system and the company’s belief in the long-term growth potential of renewable generation.

Founded in 2004, Geronimo Energy has developed over 2.4 GW of wind and solar energy projects that are operational or currently under construction. The organization also has a multi-gigawatt development portfolio of renewable energy projects that are located throughout the United States.

Most recently, Geronimo Energy announced the commercial operation of its 200 MW Crocker Wind Farm, which has power purchase agreements in place with Walmart and Cargill, and a Power Purchase Agreement with Basin Electric Power Cooperative for its 128 MW Wild Springs solar project.

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Competitive energy transmission projects

We are actively involved in several competitive transmission projects in the U.S., including through New York Transco and Millennium Pipeline.

In June 2016, New York Transco energized three new transmission upgrade projects in New York which provide several ongoing benefits, including reducing upstate to downstate transmission congestion to save money for electricity consumers and offer better access to clean energy, and supporting the retirement of traditional generation.

Millennium Pipeline provides consumers in the Northeast with additional natural gas infrastructure to meet growing demand for cleaner and more reliable energy, and is strategically positioned to serve utility and power plant loads across New York state and into New England.


Battery energy storage systems

As an alternative to building new transmission or fossil-fired peaking capacity, we have partnered with NextEra Energy Resources in the development of two battery energy storage systems on Long Island. These include 5 MW, 40 MWh battery energy storage systems in both East Hampton and Montauk, New York.

The batteries provide an alternative to adding new transmission lines by enabling peak-shaving during the busy summers on the southeast end of Long Island.