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Debt investor relations is managed by Treasury’s Debt Capital Markets team. This team is the first point of contact for any debt related queries and can be contacted using [email protected].

National Grid long term debt maturity profile 


Debt maturity profile - 31 March 2022


Data as at 31 March 2022.The indicative exchange rate used is GBPUSD = 1.31435. Hybrid bond maturities to first call date. Excludes WPD acquisition bridge facility and NGG.

The x axis states the financial year the debt matures, whilst the y axis states the outstanding level of debt in sterling millions maturing.

Debt programmes

  Programme Size
 National Grid plc€20bn*$4bn$4bn
 National Grid North America Inc€8bn€4bn$4bn
 National Grid Electricity Transmission plc€20bn*$2.5bn$2.5bn
 National Grid Gas plc€10bn$1.25bn -

*Joint EMTN programme size

The Prospectus, Supplementary Prospectus(es) and documents incorporated by reference for each of our EMTN programmes are accessible through the links above.

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