What we said we'd do

The research design and delivery of the RIIO-T2 business plan was the largest ever stakeholder engagement programme that we carried out. It ensured that our plan was stakeholder led, delivering the priorities that mattered to you. We committed to being open and transparent with you and listening and responding to your feedback on what and how we run our business. You can also read about the other priorities here.

In our business plan, we proposed that an independent stakeholder group will challenge us on our delivery of the outputs in our business plan and the clarity of our reporting.


What we’ve done

An integral safeguard to our business to make certain that we are transparent, the Independent User Group (IUG) continues to provide challenge on our business plan process and transparency against our commitments to our stakeholders.

The IUG consists of a cross-section of the energy industry and represents the interests of consumers, environmental and public interest groups, as well as large-scale and small-scale customers and distribution networks. It has now taken on an enduring role through RIIO-T2. It is chaired by Trisha McAuley OBE, an expert in consumer affairs.

The Independent User Group's role

  • To scrutinise and challenge company periodic business plans: Scrutinise and challenge the development of company regulatory business plans, consistent with Ofgem requirements 
  • To monitor, interrogate and enhance transparency of performance against commitments: 
  • Hold National Grid to account in delivering its business plan commitments by monitoring delivery and enhancing transparency 
  • Act independently and publicly share its assessment as the voice of National Grid’s stakeholders 
  • Shaping National Grid as the pathway to Net Zero is developed and challenging how it responds to external change 
  • To act as a critical friend for strategy, culture and processes in key areas: 
    • Provide input and challenge to National Grid’s priorities and activities 
    • Provide input and challenge to National Grid’s stakeholder engagement and ensure that it’s part of decision-making processes and plans