We’ve connected more battery storage to the grid at Bustleholm

Our Bustleholm substation in Sandwell is host to a new connection after we completed work to plug a 50MW battery into the grid.

The connection, delivered for EDF Renewables UK, replicates elements from the Energy Superhub Oxford – which we connected to our Cowley substation last year – with future plans by the developer to link it via private wire to rapid EV charging locations in northwest Birmingham.

We plugged in the battery via a tertiary connection – an innovative approach that uses the third winding on our existing supergrid transformers, and which is a cost-effective way for smaller projects to connect to our transmission network.

This shows the progress we’re making connecting clean energy, and represents small but important steps in Britain’s net zero journey

Our work involved installing a low load transformer to step up the voltage from the tertiary connection, helping to reduce the complexity of the project and keep the works required within the existing substation footprint.

We completed work to connect the Sandwell battery facility during spring, and it became operational last week following testing by the developer over summer.

The connection is good news for the energy transition, with battery storage facilities boosting the capacity and flexibility of the network, while helping to balance the electricity system by soaking up surplus clean power and discharging it back when the grid needs it.

We’re also connecting a further 50MW battery at our Coventry substation – another EDF Renewables UK project in the Energy Superhub mould – which is set to boost efforts to fully electrify the city’s buses.

Mark Beasley, project director for central regions at National Grid Electricity Transmission, said:

“Plugging projects like these batteries into our transmission network shows the progress we’re making connecting clean energy, and represents small but important steps in Britain’s net zero journey.

“It’s particularly appropriate that our grid connection in Coventry, a city with a rich history in motoring innovation, will support an exciting future chapter for transport in the region as its bus fleets electrify and decarbonise.”

Work is also ongoing at our Burwell and Walpole substations (in Cambridgeshire) to plug in additional EDF Renewables UK battery projects, as well as at our Sundon substation (Bedfordshire) as part of an innovative new grid park concept for connections.

Earlier this month we connected Dogger Bank – the world’s largest offshore wind farm – to our Creyke Beck substation in Yorkshire, enabling the turbines to deliver power for the first time.