Working towards a clean energy future

The year ahead on the Hinkley Connection Project

2022 year is all about getting on with the job for National Grid. We’ll work towards our construction milestones, moving the Hinkley Connection closer to delivering low-carbon energy to six million homes and businesses. We’ll do it safely, efficiently and with the least impact possible on the communities we are working alongside.

New overhead lines

This year, we will complete the construction and connection of T-pylons between Bridgwater and Sandford substation, which involves hanging of the wires and energising them. Working with our contractors, Balfour Beatty, we have started work to build a new overheard connection between Sandford and Seabank substations as well, featuring T-pylons and also lattice pylons in Avonmouth.

Removing pylons

Our work will enhance the region’s landscapes with the removal of 249 existing pylons. In 2022 we will finish removing pylons along the 37-kilometre route between Bridgwater and Sandford, improving views for local residents and visitors.

The removal of the 132kV line on this stretch will leave parts of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) pylon-free for the first time since the 1960s.

Shurton substation

This year will see Shurton substation energised (activated), meaning it will have electricity passing through it. It’s located within the boundaries of Hinkley Point C and will play a vital role in connecting the new power station to the grid, delivering nuclear energy to homes and businesses for the first time in a generation.

As part of this, we’re also upgrading the pylons that currently link to the site, taking us one step closer to connecting the new EDF power station.

Bridgwater Tee

Shurton substation will be connected to the rest of the project by a new overhead line in Bridgwater, linked to the 400kV line between Hinkley Pont and Melksham. Work on this new line will begin this year and involve replacing two pylons and moving cables underground, further improving views for communities in and around Bridgwater.

Sandford substation

In Autumn, we plan to energise the new Sandford substation with high-voltage energy from Hinkley Point C, reinforcing energy security for the South West. This achievement will also mark another milestone; it will be the first time a T-Pylon has carried electricity anywhere in the world.

400 kV cables

2022 will be a crucial year for the project’s cable work, with the team lined up to finish connecting together all 108 sections of cable and activating the Mendips cables this year. They are also on course to complete their cable sealing end (CSE) compounds work at Loxton and Sandford, allowing electricity to transition from underground to overground cables.

Modifying the overhead line to Weston-super-Mare

Our team will build on the progress they made in Weston-super-Mare last year by completing nine new lattice pylons near Sandford substation and starting to move sections of cable underground.

In addition, they will divert a section of overhead line to ensure the local electricity supply is maintained while we prepare to remove 1.5 km of this line (in 2023).

Portishead: substation and overhead lines

Our contractors are set to replace four pylons in the area with new underground cables, improving views for scores of people in Portishead while better safeguarding the substation.

Crooks Marsh and Seabank

The team will also start replacing pylons with underground cables across Crooks Marsh. They will build a new construction access layby on Ableton Lane as part of this work. Our team will also begin making changes to Seabank substation.

The Hinkley Connection Project is set to be fully complete by 2025.

Working with communities

We will continue to work with the communities most impacted by our works, looking to minimise any impact and leave a lasting legacy long after the project has completed. Our volunteering programmeeducation fund, adult skills initiative, T-time competition and Community Grant Fund are all part of this, as well as being on hand 24/7 to address any concerns.

James Goode, Project Director on the Hinkley Connection Projected, commented: “We would like to thank those living, working and visiting the area for their patience, as we continue to deliver low-carbon energy safely, efficiently and reliably, supporting the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050.”