Children play at Willow Gardens

Helping establish new community space

Donations for Willow Gardens project to connect local people in Portishead

National Grid and its contractors strive to do the right thing by communities and be good neighbours to those we are working closest to. 

Over the summer, J Murphy and Sons have been working with Willow Gardens, a new community project in Portishead which is being developed on a piece of unused ground in the town centre.

Willow Gardens aims to connect people in the local area and encourage intergenerational and intercultural interactions and learning whilst building a garden and growing vegetables for the whole community to enjoy. It promotes exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors and provides a positive environment for those that are feeling isolated and alone.

J Murphy and Sons have donated a shipping container, tools and PPE to help out. The team have also donated waste timber which has been used to build raised beds and bug houses. The work has been coordinated by Shane Hall, Stores Controller, who has gone above and beyond to help out.

It's a place to build community and give people a place to belong

In thanking the team for their support and materials, Lindsay from Willow Gardens said, “The container in particular will be a huge asset for all who work in the garden, it will not only give us storage but also a place to build community and give people a place to belong.”

“We are looking forward to seeing the garden grow and being able to give more people an opportunity to engage with community life and spend time with nature.”

Janet Sorley, Senior Project Manager for J Murphy and Sons added, “We’ve been working nearby for a number of years and thought this a fitting way to give back to the local community. We are delighted to help get Willow Gardens established. The various Covid lockdowns brought home how important it is to connect with those around us so this space is hugely important and we’re pleased to support the town in this way.”