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National Grid Electricity Transmission has extensive experience in asset management solutions for customers in the high-voltage electricity industry. 

Whether you're looking to build, refurbish, replace, or decommission your assets, our expert engineers can provide you with the best solution.

Decommissioning project management

Decommission and recycle

When a power plants comes to the end of its operational life, the site is returned to its former self through ‘site decommissioning’. National Grid Electricity Transmission manages the complete decommissioning process, from the initial disconnection and dismantling, to removing and disposing of the assets.

Once the decision is made to close a plant, the ECS team of expert consultants support the business by developing a customised decommissioning strategy, whilst optimising the recovery and reuse of machinery and assets.

We provide a complete decommission and removal plan for your site, according to your requirements and time scales. Our experts adopt a safe and reliable approach to ensure each stage of the process is carefully considered and is in accordance with the site’s unique set up and future site plans.

Our Project team manages the entire project and takes responsibility for compliance at each stage, bringing in experts and equipment to safely and efficiently decommission. As most of the equipment is unusable, sites are left with surplus materials. Through ECS’s networks and contacts, we identify what equipment can be reused, resold or recycled.

Typical process of decommissioning a site:

  • Operating permits are terminated

  • Electrical generating units are shut down

  • All existing structures are dismantled

  • Some structure demolition may take place to facilitate equipment removal

  • Electrical generating equipment is cleaned for re-use at other locations or it is sold as scrap / recycled material

  • Any unused coal and hazardous materials associated with both the generation process and the structures are removed

  • The site is decontaminated to reduce residual radioactivity and the contaminated materials are taken to appropriate disposal facilities


  • We are industry experts in decommissioning with industry leading high standards of work and safety

  • We have exceptional knowledge and years of expertise executing decommissioning strategies

  • We are fully compliant and pave the way with the latest regulatory and environmental standards

  • We are the trusted partner to deal with all third parties and National Grid contracts on your behalf

  • As landowners of many sites, we are in the unique position to provide full flexibility on project dates without involving external contractors

  • As site occupiers we have invaluable data and experience with your site. We have history of all asset maintenance and sub life throughout previous work

  • Unlike contractors we have the authority to estimate and enact site responsibility schedule changes in relation to asset ownership and safety rules. We also have complete control of the High Voltage System Change Certificate to update consequent changes

  • Your dedicated account managers are on hand to guide and update you throughout the complete decommission

  • As an ECS customer, you have access to our newly enhanced customer portal, exclusively for ECS customers to view every part of the project as it progresses

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Air blast circuit breaker and bay refurbishment

National Grid Electricity Transmission has considerable expertise in refurbishing high voltage assets within our dedicated refurbishment facilities. 

Air blast circuit breaker refurbishment is generally more cost effective than replacing the asset.  

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Refurbishment, replacement and new build

Our expert engineers will work with you on your asset replacement or refurbishment schemes, and on new builds.  

We can supply and install a variety of assets and you can rely on our extensive engineering knowledge to meet your needs.    

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At our Spares & Cable facility, we store, manage and distribute emergency strategic stock using UK wide fast delivery. We’ll handle the risk and the costs associated with storing, protecting, and maintaining stock, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We also provide e range of consultancy solutions including asset health, harmonics, EMFs, natural hazards and noise impact. 

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