High Voltage Services

High Voltage Services

National Grid Engineering and Consultancy Solution’s provide High Voltage (HV) maintenance and support services, enabling you to extend the performance of your assets and mitigate any future risks. We provide a wide range of HV engineering services for Power Stations, Interconnectors, Transmission Networks and Distribution Network Operators.

We provide:

  • a tailored approach to suit your site specifications

  • highly experienced engineers

  • world-class safety standards

  • all experts trained to National Grid Safety Rules

  • strong relationship with the National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO)

Our solutions

We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs:

First line support

This is provided either remotely or by deployment of a standby person to your site. The service includes:

  • remote fault or incident evaluation by telephone

  • where necessary, attendance at the relevant site and provision of site-based fault or incident evaluation on the plant and equipment

  • provision of a summary report on any work carried out

Second line support

This is a follow-on to the first line support, working to rectify faults or incidents:

  • Site routine inspections: We offer routine, non-invasive, non-outage inspections of plant, equipment and site infrastructure. In addition, we can provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your HV assets. These inspections ensure that your assets are being regularly monitored in line with our own best practices or to your own requirements. Any defects found are rectified at the time, if practical to do so, or included in planned work programmes.

  • Outage maintenance: Outage maintenance work on HV plant and equipment includes planning, execution and reporting of results. It is carried out during notified outage periods. This is an area where our team has extensive technical competence and expertise, particularly in outage planning liaison with the NGESO and in resource delivery.

  • Safety switching: We provide appropriately authorised and trained National Grid Electricity Transmission experts to provide an ad-hoc and pre-planned switching service on plant and equipment under National Grid Safety Rules.

  • Reactive maintenance: In addition to any pre-determined outage maintenance work, we can quote for, plan and deliver reactive maintenance work

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