Spares and Cable Membership

Spares & Cable Membership

National Grid Engineering and Consultancy Solutions provide a comprehensive Spares & Cable Membership.

We recognise that due to the extensive life-time of HV assets, spare parts are often no longer supported or produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and sourcing parts from suppliers can incur long lead times. This can result in asset owners stockpiling spares which can prove costly.

At our Spares & Cable facility, we store, manage and distribute emergency strategic stock using UK wide fast delivery. We’ll handle the risk and the costs associated with storing, protecting, and maintaining stock, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Our solutions

  • Spares Membership: Full access to a comprehensive range of High Voltage (HV) components including: tap changers, cables, switchgear, protection, larger spares and overhead line spares.


    Cables Membership: Full access to emergency strategic stock of oil filled and XLPE cables (33kV to 132kV), accessories, and joints.
  • Specialist advice on best solutions, ensuring supply of correct parts
  • one point of contact
  • emergency access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • UK-wide fast delivery. Overnight or same day delivery available.
  • significantly reduced asset downtime
  • greatly reduced risk and overall cost

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