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200 cyclists supported by National Grid

£10,000 community grant helps those on a low-income get into cycling

Somerset and Bristol-based cycling charity, Life Cycle, has been awarded a £10,000 grant by National Grid to support their work to increase access to cycling for people on a low income. The charity provides free vouchers to those on a low income so they can buy refurbished bikes, safety equipment and bike servicing.

National Grid’s community grant fund helped 21 people on low incomes get into cycling, with a voucher to purchase a refurbished bike. 156 people were given vouchers to get the equipment they need to be safe on the road, 22 cyclists had their bikes fixed free of charge at one of several 'Dr Bike' events and 19 Avonmouth riders received a free £100 bike service at Lawrence Weston Bike Hub.

We had a huge demand for this project

A 19-year-old called Aidan lives in supported accommodation so he can be close to his father who sadly has terminal cancer. Aidan wanted to use his bike to attend job interviews and explore the surrounding countryside but it was damaged by vandals. National Grid’s servicing voucher meant he was able to purchase the parts needed to fix his bike and ride safely at night.

Aidan commented, “The voucher has paid for a really good set of lights and for me to be able to repair my bike. I would never have been able to afford any of it. I feel really lucky. It is a good way for people like me to get out and back on my bike. I won’t have to walk everywhere now”.

Huda Wajih, Development Lead at Life Cycle UK said, “Due to the cost of living crisis, rising fuel prices, and a post COVID boom in cycling, we had a huge demand for this project. Thanks to National Grid, we were able to help 218 people on low income, including Ukrainian refugees, young people not in education, training or work, and people from ethnic minorities."

Jonathan Richardson, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for the Hinkley Connection Project commented, “Getting people into cycling gives them the freedom to travel in a cost-effective and healthy way, to work, to school, or even just to escape to the beautiful south-west countryside.

“We are delighted our funding has given hundreds of people, like Aidan the equipment and servicing they need to get back on the road or riding for the first time.”