National Grid story 'Standing up to the climate change challenge'

Standing up to the climate change challenge

Just days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Badar Khan, President of National Grid US, explains why national and international collaboration to deliver cleaner energy solutions is critical to address climate change.

Over the last decade, the states where we operate – New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts – have doubled down on their commitment to clean energy to lessen the impacts of climate change. From record-breaking offshore wind and clean energy procurements, to continued leadership on energy efficiency, our states have firmly set themselves on the path to a clean energy future.

Portrait photo of President of National Grid US Badar Khan for climate change challenge story

It’s now time for the federal government to build on the success of the most forward-thinking states and develop plans to deeply decarbonize.

As a company committed to meeting the profound challenge of climate change, we have signed the joint statement from major companies across diverse sectors of the economy, supporting the United States’ return to the Paris Agreement and urging President-elect Biden and the new Congress to work together to enact ambitious, durable and bipartisan climate solutions.

As the new presidential administration prepares to enter office, I am encouraged by their commitment to re-establish the United States as a leader on climate change. And the timing couldn’t be better. Next year, leaders from around the world will come together in Glasgow at COP26, to hear and learn from one another on the progress made since the accord was signed.

I am proud that National Grid will be at COP26 as a Principal Partner, continuing our legacy of working with our partners in government and private industry to find common ground and solutions for the climate crisis. National Grid US has already achieved a 75% reduction in emissions across our business. Our recently launched Responsible Business Charter and Net Zero by 2050 Plan lay the groundwork for sustained momentum toward a net zero future. I’m personally excited to share our plans with our partners at COP26 and learn best practices from across the globe.

The toll of climate change – from lives lost to businesses and communities devastated from severe weather – continues to grow. It’s now time for aggressive action to combat one of the greatest threats currently facing society. I hope that the next year, including COP26, will bring with it a renewed sense of collaboration, so the international community can work as one toward our common goal of a sustainable planet.