US military personnel in warehouse serving for National Guard - used for 'From National Grid to National Guard' story

From National Grid to National Guard: fighting COVID-19 in NY

In the US’ battle against coronavirus, find out how Lissette Lugo, Downstate NY Stakeholder Relations Senior Specialist in Capital Delivery, and Kyle Metzler, Senior Data Analyst in Electric Transmission & Distribution, have been deployed by the National Guard to fight the virus in New York.

Captain Lissette Lugo: supporting critical medical personnel

Captain Lissette Lugo - National Grid Downstate NY Stakeholder Relations Senior Specialists

Lissette Lugo is a Captain in the Air National Guard, who has served in the military for 25 years, beginning her career in the Air Force. She jokes that she loves serving her country so much, the US military will have to kick her out to retire when she reaches age 60.

Lissette is currently supporting the COVID-19 efforts, performing medical administrator duties as part of the 106th Rescue Wing’s airmen team stationed in West Hampton, New York. Her team is responsible for disseminating critical information and medical orders from the National Guard’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Lissette serves as the point of contact for all medical personnel and people currently in quarantine, and her team coordinates everything from meals, COVID-19 testing, volunteer coverage and lodging.

One of the greatest challenges Lissette faces is time spent away from her husband, 10- year-old son and five-year-old daughter. Her family has tried to adjust over the past three weeks without her by staying connected with FaceTime calls and games through the House Party application.


Captain Kyle Metzler: when duty called, he answered

Kyle Metzler is also a Captain in the Army National Guard and has served for nine years. Kyle just returned from a 13-month combat deployment to Djibouti and Somalia in October 2019. While he didn’t expect to be activated so soon after his return, when duty called, he answered. Kyle is leading a team of 80 New York Army National Guardsmen in assisting civil authorities with emergency relief operations in Albany and New York City.

US military personnel in hangar serving for National Guard - used for 'From National Grid to National Guard' story

Kyle and his team are responsible for providing support and symptoms screening to testing facilities and passenger terminals, and supporting warehouse operations and logistics efforts to help deliver critical supplies. His team also delivers food to communities that have been hit the hardest by coronavirus and provides critical PPE training and delivery to civilian first responders.

Kyle is also making the sacrifice of spending time away from his family. His wife, five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son only had five months with him between his two deployments, but Kyle is grateful for his supportive family nearby to help manage this sudden new normal.