Apprentices at National Grid's Eakring training centre -  used for the Naional Grid story' 7 reasons to choose an apprenticeship'

7 reasons to choose an apprenticeship

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve put together a handy guide to the reasons why choosing an apprenticeship with National Grid could put you on the fast track to a career with purpose. Find out why joining us makes you part of our mission to tackle climate change.

1. You join the Net Zero Energy Workforce

The UK is on a journey to cut carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2050. The energy sector needs to play a major part in achieving this – but, to do so, we’ll have to build the Net Zero Energy Workforce. Our research shows that the energy sector needs to recruit 400,000 roles by 2050. By choosing an apprenticeship, you can learn the vital skills required to fill some of the roles that will help us build a greener, cleaner energy system.

2. Skip those student loans

Heading to university is by no means cheap. By taking on tuition fees and funding your living costs too, many students graduate not just with a degree but with hefty debts. With an apprenticeship, there are no fees to pay for now or further down the line.

3. Earn from day one

As an apprentice, you’ll receive a salary throughout your apprenticeship. On top of this, as a National Grid apprentice you’ll get free, full board accommodation when attending our academy and we’ll cover travel costs associated with your training.

4. Kickstart a career

With an apprenticeship, you’re acquiring the skills that employers really want. This means you have a clear career path, rather than having to work out which direction to take at the end of your studies and hoping your qualifications will open the right doors.

5. Get qualifications and experience

An apprenticeship might be hands-on, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be achieving qualifications. At National Grid you get the chance to study at one of our cutting-edge training facilities, at a local Academy Centre or, for some of our Higher Apprenticeships, at Aston University, Birmingham.

On Advanced Apprenticeships, for those joining us post-GCSEs, you’ll be awarded a Level 3 qualification. With Higher Apprenticeships, which are designed for after A levels or equivalent, you’ll attain a foundation degree or Level 4 Diploma.

6. Get social

There’s no need to feel you’re being short-changed, compared to university students, when it comes to building a social life. Our apprentices have plenty of opportunities to get together either on the job or at our National Training Centre in Eakring, Nottinghamshire. In fact, our training starts at Eakring, so there’s a chance to get to know other apprentices.

7. Enjoy perks and benefits

A salary is just the start of the perks you enjoy as an apprentice. Our apprentices also get other benefits, including £200 towards driving lessons, a pension scheme, access to leisure facilities and more.

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