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Our governance

Find out more about our commitment to the highest standard of corporate governance and how we strive to apply best practice in this area.

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Diversity of the Board
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Our journey so far

From transparency and culture, to making sure we have a diverse leadership team, National Grid adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and we continually apply best practices.

Our Responsible Business Charter sets out our commitments and ambitions for our governance mechanisms.

Our commitments

  • Continue to review and adapt our governance policies to reflect and support our responsible business commitments and ambitions 

  • Continually review the company culture to ensure it is inclusive 

  • Listen to our people and ensure their voices are heard at Group Executive and Board level 

  • Ensure the National Grid Board hear and understand the voices of all our stakeholders 

  • Achieve 50% diversity in our Group Executive Committee

Our ambitions

  • Aim for our responsible business actions and impact to differentiate us from our peer group, and to make us a clear choice for ESG-minded investors 

  • Meet and ultimately exceed the Hampton-Alexander and Parker diversity review standards and achieve 50% diversity in our Board 

  • Build a company where everybody can achieve their potential 

Learn what we’re doing to support our governance

You can read our latest stories below, detailing some of the measures we have in place to support our net zero journey.

Paula Reynolds Board Chair

Announcing our new Board Chair

We’re excited to announce that Paula Rosput Reynolds has been appointed as our new Board Chair, succeeding Sir Peter Gershon. Joining from 1 January 2021, Paula has a highly successful track record as a chief executive across the energy and insurance industries.

Learn more about Paula


Learn about what we’re doing to support governance

We're ensuring that our approach to corporate governance underpins everything we do, embracing diversity and building a positive environment for everyone. You can learn more by reading about the Board diversity policy, by learning more about how we approach Inclusion and Diversity and by reading stories to illustrate how, from the top down, we embrace and support a constructive culture.

Evies whale

Save Evie’s Whale campaign to cut single use plastics

Our annual Chairman’s Awards are a demonstration of how we use governance to bring our purpose, vision and values and the role we play in society to life. Discover more about one little girl’s determination to cut single use plastics.

Young woman working on wind turbin

Women with energy

Get to know some of the women who are working to shape the future of the energy system, from inspiring the next revolution in clean energy to breaking down stereotypes in engineering.

Group of diverse employees

Inclusion and diversity

Discover more about our mission to build an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Focus areas where we can make an impact

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.