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Find out more about our commitment to the highest standard of corporate governance and how we strive to apply best practice in this area.

Our journey so far

We're committed to ensuring that our governance mechanisms reflect our commitments and ensure that the principles of responsibility guide us in everything we do as a business.

From transparency and culture, to making sure we have a diverse leadership team, National Grid adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and we continually apply best practices.

The role of the Board

The National Grid Board is collectively responsible for the effective oversight of the Company and its businesses. It determines the company’s strategic direction and objectives, business plan, viability and governance structure to help achieve long-term success and deliver sustainable shareholder value.

Embracing diversity and inclusion

Our approach to corporate governance plays an important role in helping us develop our culture at National Grid, which embraces diversity and inclusion, and strives to create an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential.

Our Board will continue to play a vital role in setting the tone right from the top. We apply a robust framework to ensure that stakeholder considerations are suitably captured and enhancements made to strengthen the views of stakeholders in the boardroom.

Find out more about what we’re doing to support governance

We're ensuring that our approach to corporate governance underpins everything we do at National Grid, embracing diversity and building a positive environment for everyone. You can learn more by reading the Davies review of women on boards, by learning more about how we approach Inclusion and Diversity and by reading stories to illustrate how, from the top down, we embrace and support a constructive culture.

Diverse group of National Grid employees

Inclusion and diversity

Discover more about our mission to build an inclusive and diverse workforce.

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Save Evie’s Whale campaign to cut single use plastics

Our annual Chairman’s Awards are a demonstration of how we use governance to bring our purpose, vision and values and the role we play in society to life. Discover how one little girl’s determination to cut single use plastics, ended up winning a Chairman’s Award and helping to eliminate over two million pieces of plastic.

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Focus areas where we can make an impact

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.

About us

Find out more about what we do, our businesses and our vision and values.

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Get insights into the energy industry, its people, projects and progress towards net zero.

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