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The economy

Find out how we contribute to the economies of the countries where we operate our businesses.

Total investment in energy infrastructure
Percentage of suppliers with carbon reduction targets
EU Taxonomy aligned Group turnover

Our journey so far

Ensuring energy reaches homes and businesses safely, reliably and efficiently is our primary economic contribution. But as a responsible, purpose-led business, we go further – as an employer, a tax contributor, a business partner and a community partner.

We make a broader contribution to society through the distribution of the economic value we generate, our continuing investment in vital energy infrastructure, how we work with and influence our suppliers and paying the right tax.

Our Responsible Business Charter sets out our commitments and ambitions for our economic contribution to society.

Our commitments

  • Maintain reinvestment in our infrastructure and show the social benefits of our capital delivery programmes 
  • Continue to invest in developing technologies and innovations that benefit our customers and society 
  • Work across our supply chains to ensure that, together, we reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and respond to the economic needs of those communities
  • Continue to influence our supply chain to operate as responsible businesses 

Our ambitions

  • Build partnerships with small and local businesses, and responsible suppliers 
  • Help the economy and supply chain recover from the COVID-19 crisis 

Learn what we’re doing to support the economy

You can read our latest stories below, detailing some of our economic contributions in our net zero journey.

Engineer wearing orange overalls and a hard hat standing inside National Grid's London Power Tunnel

National Grid in numbers

From engineering marvels stretching hundreds of kilometres under the sea to London's hidden power tunnels that are longer than the M25, learn more about some of our most significant projects and innovations with our fact-filled videos.

Watch the videos

Navneet Net Zero

Building the Net Zero Energy Workforce

Find out more about the Net Zero Energy Workforce Report, which explores the employment opportunities and skills required to help the UK’s energy sector reach net zero by 2050.

National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners is the first Silicon Valley-based venture capital and innovation company for the energy industry. We invest in the potential of energy.

Our other responsible business pillars

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.