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Find out how we contribute to the economies of the countries where we operate our businesses.

Our journey so far

National Grid’s economic contribution to society comes primarily through the delivery of safe and reliable energy. Crucially, we make sure energy reaches homes and businesses safely, reliably and efficiently. But our contribution as a responsible, purpose-led business also comes as an employer, a tax contributor, a business partner, and community partner.

Working in partnership

We help national and regional governments formulate and deliver their energy policies and commitments. Our approach to regulatory consultation is to seek a framework that puts consumers at the centre of our price control, while enabling the clean energy transition. Evolving that partnership to help enable the clean energy transition and slow the pace of climate change before it can be reversed, will also be key in protecting future economic growth, and safety and wellbeing in society.

Supporting communities

Our geographic footprint means that our economic contribution is felt in lower-income communities, which can truly benefit from the ripple effect of our local presence. These range from rural communities in New England, to the UK where most of our economic contributions are made outside London. Our tax contribution helps to fund services and we are committed to a coherent and transparent tax policy and recognise our economic role in society in doing this.

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Our Net Zero Energy Workforce Report explores the employment opportunities and skills required to help the UK's energy sector reach net zero by 2050. National Grid Partners is our venture capital and innovation business based in Silicon Valley that's helping to bring the energy ideas of the future to life.

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Building the Net Zero Energy Workforce

Find out more about the Net Zero Energy Workforce Report, which explores the employment opportunities and skills required to help the UK’s energy sector reach net zero by 2050.

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National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners (NGP) is the first Silicon Valley-based venture capital and innovation company for the energy industry. We invest in the potential of energy.

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Focus areas where we can make an impact

We have identified the other key areas where we can really make a difference by ensuring responsibility is woven through everything we do.

About us

Find out more about what we do, our businesses and our vision and values.

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Get insights into the energy industry, its people, projects and progress towards net zero.

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