North Sea Link - Worker with Fjord
North Sea Link
Connecting the UK and Norway to share clean energy.

Connecting the UK to clean, reliable energy

North Sea Link (NSL), a joint venture with Norwegian system operator Statnett. Stretching 720 kilometres under the North Sea, at depths of up to 700 metres, NSL is an interconnector capable of sharing up to 1400 megawatts of electricity – enough to power around 1.4 million UK homes.

NSL is part of our portfolio of electricity links connecting the UK to the energy systems of Norway, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and most recently, Denmark.

An incredible feat of engineering and teamwork

An international team of experts spent more than 4 million working hours over 6 years to deliver the project, finding innovative ways to get the state-of-the-art cable through fjords and mountains and across the North Sea.

Find out more about this incredible partnership below.

The building of North Sea Link

The building of North Sea Link

Two countries, six years, one goal. Watch our timelapse footage to get a behind the scenes view of the work at either end of the cable.

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North Sea Link in numbers

North Sea Link in numbers

Big projects mean big numbers. Find out the facts behind this engineering marvel under the sea.

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Trade with clean energy

North Sea Link trades via the appointed Power Exchange, Nord Pool/EMCO​.

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North Sea Link Energy Education Centre

A free facility designed to kick start pupils’ understanding of energy, sustainability and interconnectors, and encourage an interest in STEM subjects and careers.

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What are electricity interconnectors?

Electricity interconnectors are high-voltage cables that connect the electricity systems of neighbouring countries. Find out more about them here.