Products we offer

To ensure optionality and flexibility for our customers, we offer a range of products across the link whilst also striving to launch new products. Both our current and future products can be seen detailed below.

Current products

Capacity is offered for sale to Registered Users, separately in the direction Great Britain to France and France to Great Britain. Capacity offered falls into a number of different products:


Use It or Sell It

For products which are not nominated, there is the opportunity to sell your capacity to be entered into other smaller denomination auctions or an implicit day ahead auction managed by the Power Exchanges (NEMO) so that costs may be recouped.

How often do we have auctions and how much capacity do we sell?

  • The IFA Auction timetable is available here
  • This timetable covers the long term products auctions for up to a year as well as the Intra-day auctions.
  • All of these auctions are managed by the IFA Helpdesk


Future products


We are pleased to inform you that IFA will be launching its new Intraday schedule on a date to be confirmed later this year.

The new schedule will consist of 4 auctions and 24 nomination gates, a visual chart of this can be found here, along with a table here.

We can also inform you that when IFA2 becomes fully operational in Q4 2020, it will also be offering an Intraday schedule of 4 auctions and 24 nomination gates, a visual chart of this can be found here, along with a table here.

All Intraday capacity auctions will remain on JAO (particpants must sign Amendment 11 to participate in the IFA Intraday Auctions) and all nominations are on the RNP. In preparation for the new Intraday schedule being introduced we will be offering Intraday Customer Testing on RNP closer to the go live date.

Post launch

As planned, IFA2 shall be launching its Intraday schedule of 4 auctions and 24 nomination gates when it goes live following its Commissioning phase.

This will be followed with the launch of IFA’s new Intraday schedule, once we have more accurate data – we will ensure to inform all market participants.

Please contact us if you require access to Intraday Customer Testing or if you would like to trade Intraday through JAO and/or RNP.

How to trade with IFA

We are the first merchant Interconnector in Europe to offer fully firm products. Our team has 30 years’ experience of developing and delivering high quality products in line with the market needs whilst removing operational risk from our customers.

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How to register

By becoming a customer of IFA and IFA2, you will join our mission of bringing green, renewable energy into the UK. Find out more information on how to register to become an IFA customer.

Contact IFA

Our Customer Team are here to respond to any queries or feedback on anything IFA related. Please contact us with your enquiry.