T Pylon

National Grid helping to connect sources of low-carbon energy through New York Energy Solution and Hinkley Connection Project

While the two projects may be on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they have a number of striking similarities.

Low Carbon

On both sides of the Atlantic, National Grid is supporting efforts to modernize the energy grid to facilitate further low-carbon energy sources. Two projects in particular that are working towards these aims are the New York Energy Solution project from New York Transco, of which National Grid Ventures is a part owner, and the Hinkley Connection Project, which is being developed by the National Grid, Capital Delivery Team in the UK.

While an ocean may separate these two projects, there are many similarities between them. Both electric transmission projects strive to further facilitate the movement of low-carbon energy to customers. In the case of the New York Energy Solution, the goal is to better connect upstate New York renewable energy sources to the downstate demand centers, such as New York City. With the Hinkley Connection Project, the aim is to connect a new nuclear power station, which will generate around 7% of the UK’s energy requirements, to customers.

Below is a chart giving a high-level overview of the two projects:

Project Name

New York Energy Solution

Hinkley Connection Project


Hudson Valley, New York

Bridgewater, Somerset & South West, UK


A transmission upgrade project aimed at replacing aging energy infrastructure along an existing utility-owned corridor to alleviate historic energy bottlenecks

A new high-voltage electricity connection between Bridgwater and Seabank, including two new substations.


Achieve public policy needs by relieving network congestion and facilitate renewable energy from upstate to downstate New York

Connect a new Nuclear Power Station to customers in the UK

Team responsible

National Grid Ventures (as part of New York Transco joint venture)

National Grid UK, Capital Delivery


55 miles (88.5 km)

30 miles (48.5 km)

Key challenge

Coordination with four different transmission owners; mitigating impacts to rare and endangered species

Navigating through the historic Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (limestone hills) and related archaeological implications

Construction start

March 2021

December 2018

In-service date

December 2023

December 2024

Another key similarity between the two projects is that they both aim to reduce their impact on the surrounding landscapes. With the New York Energy Solution, the project will stay within existing utility-owned property and reduce the number of transmission towers along the route by approximately 230. With the Hinkley Connection Project, National Grid will be removing 67km of existing pylons, and putting some transmission lines underground through the Mendip Hills, to maintain the region’s natural beauty. The Hinkley Connection will also feature the world’s first T-pylons – an innovative new design for pylons.

While there are notable differences between the two projects and how they came about, both are being driven by the goal of decarbonizing our energy system in the UK and US. They will play a vital role in delivering electricity efficiently, reliably and safely, while helping to advance a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

For more information about the New York Energy Solution, please visit ny-es.com. For more information about the Hinkley Connection Project, please visit hinkleyconnection.co.uk.